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Who Is Nutralove?

With offices in Paris, Bangkok and the United States, Nutralove is part of the next generation of beauty companies. More than anything else, beautiful hair comes from healthy hair and because Nutralove has been engaged in the sale, manufacture and formulation of vitamins and supplements we have special insight into the crafting of formulations that can make your hair healthy and manageable.
On our products page we proudly list the benefits and active ingredients for all of our products.
We are also a company that loves to have fun! Our brand essence is love; it is part of our name and core beliefs. From our slogans, "Can you handle the love" to "Different ways to love your hair" you will find yourself loving your hair and Nutralove. If you're ready for love you need to use Nutralove!

Great products are only half the story. Nutralove is always looking for the best of the best and our managing director is Hal Robb, a graduate of Thunderbird University, The Garvin School of International Management (#1 - "International Business" for Full-Time MBA Wall Street Journal 2005; 5th consecutive year). Prior to joining Nutralove he was the president of Radius products a manufacturer and distributor of a range of products sold through a variety of channels including specialty, mass merchants and direct response. He invented a variety of products that received commercial success as well as technical accolades including the Smartstrip control tools for photo labs which were manufactured by 3M for the Best Balance Corporation.

He was also the founder of the SpectraColor retail chain and jointly holds the patent pending for the Irresistible custom shampoo products with his father.

Why Nutralove ( Curious ?)

Connecting health and beauty, Nutralove is part of the next trend in hair salon products. Many manufacturers of hair products have extensive knowledge in soap and to a greater degree in marketing. Nutralove is first and foremost a vitamin and supplement company that is now introducing its hair products that not only make your hair look better but make your hair healthier.

Nutralove has even been awarded a United States patent pending on its Irresistible shampoo line and has also been awarded seven FDA registration numbers in the Kingdom of Thailand for its vitamins and supplements.

More than simply a new brand, Nutralove is also introducing a new concept that combines unique patent pending delivery systems and the connection of health and beauty that only a vitamin company can provide.

Nutralove named by Beauty Store Business as one of the top 10 salon brands in the United States.   |   8 - 12 November 2006 Impact Exhibition Center
Who is Nutralove?

With offices in Paris, Bangkok, and the United States, Nutralove is part of the next generation of beauty companies.

How to use Nutralove.

1. Remove top lid.
2. Remove activator.
3. Add custom amount.
4. Replace top lid and shake.

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