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Pure Baby Foam Shampoo

Because babies are pure we introduced Pure the first baby shampoo with a foam top and no artificial colors or fragrances. A step above all liquid baby shampoos Pure is soft and gentle foam. Unlike a liquid, this no tear foam formula does not drip into the delicate eyes of your child and its chamomile extract soothes both mother and baby. This is the best shampoo a baby can have. One bottle of Pure lasts 6 moths with everyday use.

Pure baby shampoo contains natural extracts of Chamomile to provide a gentle shampoo which reduces irritation for sensitive skin. It is no more tear formula that formulated with amino surfactant, as a protein into the skin and pH balanced to be mild and gentle enough for everyday use.

Chamomile extract: A gentle, soothing herb that both softens and reduces irritation for sensitive skin hair.

Active Ingredient

Nutralove named by Beauty Store Business as one of the top 10 salon brands in the United States.   |   8 - 12 November 2006 Impact Exhibition Center
Who is Nutralove?

With offices in Paris, Bangkok, and the United States, Nutralove is part of the next generation of beauty companies.

How to use Nutralove.

1. Remove top lid.
2. Remove activator.
3. Add custom amount.
4. Replace top lid and shake.

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