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Love Shot - Shine & Glisten Plus

Infuse you hair with shine that gets you noticed! Because our shampoos use our exclusive Love Shots you can  add one extra Shot of Love to customize your Nutralove shampoo.  Extracts like quillaja saponaria extract, henna extract, chamomile extract and citrus extract add extreme shine.  And because all botanicals are added after purchase they are at full potency.

http://nutralove.com/images/bullet.gifQuillaja saponaria extract: Helps to maintain moisture balance and it has a anti-microbial property. Restores hair to a soft, shining and manageable.

http://nutralove.com/images/bullet.gifHenna extract: It is a herb with the nourishing properties that help maintain healthy, lively hair, bringing your hair a healthy and shiny look.

http://nutralove.com/images/bullet.gifChamomile extract: A gentle, soothing herb that both softens and reduces irritation for sensitive skin hair.

http://nutralove.com/images/bullet.gifCitrus extract: Helps to protect hair cells to ensure smoothness and softness, while effectively maintaining the natural oil balance of the hair and scalp .

Nutralove named by Beauty Store Business as one of the top 10 salon brands in the United States.   |   8 - 12 November 2006 Impact Exhibition Center
Who is Nutralove?

With offices in Paris, Bangkok, and the United States, Nutralove is part of the next generation of beauty companies.

How to use Nutralove.

1. Remove top lid.
2. Remove activator.
3. Add custom amount.
4. Replace top lid and shake.

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